Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stash Fleece into Curtains

Last winter I was thinking about making polar fleece curtains for Eric's room, but never got the project off the ground. Well, the stash contest at got my rear in gear.

Eric likes Canadian things, so I pulled out two pieces of fleece, one red with white maple leaves, and white with red maple leaves, and red and navy fleece. He okayed the project, and I set to work.

I spent quite a bit of time playing with the 4 fabrics, trying to see what combination would work the best. Eventually I figured out that I didn't have enough of the red on white fabric, and that the navy would make up the bulk of the curtains.

I got pretty creative, and hand drew a maple leaf to cut out of the red fleece, and sewed it on to the navy. The white on red fabric was added to the bottom to make up the length. I used what I believe is muslin to line the back.

Sorry for this dark picture. I have a blue valance that goes over the curtains and makes the maple leaf look more centred on the curtains.

I made the tie backs by cutting 1" strips of the 3 fleeces and braiding them.

Hopefully these curtains will help keep his room warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer, especially with the white lining on the back. They also work very well for room darkening. They don't totally darken the room since the light really shines through the red/white fleece, but it looks neat like that!

All 4 fabrics I used are from stash. I'm not quite sure where or when I got the navy fleece, but it's been around for a while. The maple leaf and red fleece came from the thrift store last winter. The muslin backing came in a box of fabrics that someone my mom knows gave to me when she moved and had to get rid of stuff. I've had it for 4 or 5 years I think.

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