Saturday, February 27, 2010

I can't get enough of that torch

I just had to get my hands on that torch again! This is me with Marla Forth. She ran in Chestermere, and she lit the Olympic cauldron in Chestermere with this torch. (Thanks for taking the picture Tammy!)

This is at the library where I work. She opened the torch and showed us the inside. As you can see, the fuel container has been removed. The number on her jacket means she was the 105th person to run with the torch that day. 5 people ran in Chestermere, and the other 100 people ran in Calgary that morning.

And this is the signature of the person who assembled this torch!

The torch is inscribed "With Glowing Hearts," which is a line in Canada's national athem.

The torch runners had different mittens than what was available to the pubic at The Bay. Their gloves have grippy maple leaves to help them hold the torch.

To keep the flame burning the brightest, keep the maple leaf pointed towards your heart while you run.

Close up of the emblem.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trip to Banff & Sulfur Mountain

The ride up the Sulfur Mountain gondola in Banff National Park dazzled the kids.

You can see the bottom building just behind Eric.

High enough that you can barely see the building.

View of the Banff townsite from the top of Sulfur Mountain.

Usually, you can climb up to the second, higher peak, but it was closed.

It was beautiful up there! We were lucky that it was a warm and sunny day.

An empty gondola approaching the top building.

Doing a little yoga in the snow. This is the hiking trail if you climb the mountain - it's a fairly easy 2-3 hour climb. I've done it several times. At the top of the hill to the right was about 30 Japanese tourists, who looked very confused that I kept doing yoga poses in various places! But I got some neat pictures, and the tourists got something to gawk at and a story to tell when they get back home...

The kids played in the snow while I was getting my yoga picture taken.

Driving home through Canmore at dusk. That's the 3 sisters mountain on the left.

Friday, February 12, 2010

You can't be Canadian unless you can

Ice Skate!

I was watching Eric motor around the rink with a skating support and I said to him: "Eric, you can skate! You don't need that bar!" (he's only skated short distances without a bar). So he let go of the bar, and off he skated. He was so excited and wanted to know when can we go skating again!

Leah and Stephen.

Me, practicing arabesque on my bad side (I can get my leg up much higher on my good side, but of course, Stephen didn't get a picture of that!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

100 Day

It was the 100th day of school, and the kids were allowed to do something related to 100 to celebrate.

Eric choose to pin 100 safety pins to his sweater, and wear that to school. In case you are wondering, it took about 60 pins to make the 100, and then we put the remaining pins on the sleeves.

It looked really neat, almost like sequins. Eric was happy with his creation.