Saturday, May 24, 2008

Twinkle Foaled

Here's my new baby. He was born at about 5am on Saturday, May 24. In the rain and the mud! Actually, he's nice and dry in a shelter with lots of straw. I checked on Twinkle at 3am, and she showed no sign of going into labour. I looked out the window before checking her at 6am, and knew something was happening because Dizzy was all excited. The foal was still wet, but standing, and Twinkle passed the afterbirth while I watched.

Baby is still unnamed. He appears to be bay at the moment (black mane & tail), but he has lighter legs. Twinkle's last year colt by the same stallion was a buckskin, so this baby may be too.

He's very active, and also quite shy of people. I can manage to catch him to treat his umbilical stump, and just to scratch his whithers.

Poor Dizzy was crazy for the first few hours. She'd let out a LOUD whinny whenever the foal made a sound, and tries to touch it through the corral panels. She's calmed down now, but is still very interested.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Twinkle's Foaling Journal: Got Milk?

Warning: below are pictures of my pregnant pony's girl parts.

Twinkle looks like a ball with legs.

I'm taking this picture, crouching on the ground, and there is Dizzy, with her head down, trying to figure out what I'm doing!

Her tummy is getting closer to the ground!

There is her swollen udder. I actually managed to get some milk out of her today! That is exciting because you can use the milk colour as a foaling predictor. It's clear and sticky, which is the first stage.

And finally, her "girl parts," which is looking slightly swollen and perhaps more relaxed (a sign of foaling!).