Friday, January 23, 2009

Refashioning a thrift store belt

I paid 50c for this belt at the thrift store, specifically for the buckle. I wanted to make myself some fun and inexpensive belts out of fabric. The belt actually looks like new and I could have worn it as is, except that I don't like the blue/brown two tone look.

Just for fun, I started undoing the stitching to see how the belt was put together. It turned out that the belt was made out of two pieces of webbing sewn together over an inner vinyl strap.

I completely took apart the belt, and saved the blue/brown webbing for a future use (straps for a cloth shopping bag maybe?)

I stitched this plaid fabric over the vinyl insert, cut it to the proper length for my jeans, and re-attached the buckle. I should have made the fabric a bit wider so it fills more of the buckle, but it still looks and works fine.

The back of my plaid belt. I totally did not plan for the pattern to be centred on the back belt loop. What luck!

I'll be making a few more of these as I can find appropriate belts to scavenge!

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