Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next door chores

I took care of my neighbour's chores for about 2 weeks this summer.

I collected 15-24 eggs each day. Mostly brown, with a few tan and green ones. That hen there I called "broody hen." She was allowed to sit on her eggs, but they never did hatch.

Feed and water the chickens. I love the sound of stampeding chicken feet when you throw them a few strawberries! There are around 30 of them, and one ugly rooster with no tail. The rooster isn't mean, it keeps it's distance. That is him at the back of the middle of the picture, the one with it's head up the highest.

The greenhouse. It is huge - probably 16' wide and 30' long. I checked it twice a day and watered and sprayed for aphids once in a while.

My house is hidden by the bushes behind the greenhouse. Takes seconds to get here.

And I checked on cats, making sure they had food and water. They have probably 15-20 cats! I have the twin of the cat on the right, but mine isn't fluffy. It has siamese blood in it. The fluffy one in this picture is lovely to pick up and pet. It's like a living stuffed animal. :)

I enjoyed doing their chores for a while, but I was also glad when the came home!