Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homemade lip balm!

I mostly followed this recipe for a Burt's Bees Style lip balm. Great pictures there too.

I only had 1.2 oz of beeswax, so I cut the recipe in half.

My recipe:

1 oz beeswax (bought a while back at the honey booth of a farmer's market)
1.5 oz coconut oil (from Superstore)
3/8 oz sweet almond oil (from Superstore)
1/8 oz lanolin (leftover Lansinoh cream from when kids were babies)
1 drop clove essential oil
4 drops vanilla essential oil

Carefully melt everything except the essential oils in a small pot. Remove from heat, add essential oil, mix well and pour into pots or lip balm tubes. So easy!

I'd use double the essential oil next time since I can barely tell it's there. The balm has a slight lanolin smell, but I mostly smell the wonderful beeswax smell!