Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day

The strong winds and snow on Saturday night and all day Sunday made some cool snow drifts.

My horse, Dizzy in the blanket, Twinkle the shetland in the foreground, and the black head just above her withers is Sunny, laying down.

The tallest drift is in the riding arena, the fence is 4.5 feet, and it's just slightly taller. The kids use this one as a slide.

Smokie the cat came out to play, climbed right on Eric, a got an Eric sled ride down the drift!

The drifts in the front yard. The snow fence did too good a job... Leah is sitting on a 3-4 foot drift.

This is the top corner of the pasture, the drift going right over the fence. Hopefully the horses aren't going to try to walk over... The snow is packed hard enough to hold our weight, but probably not the weight of a horse!