Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twinkle's Foaling Journal: Page 1 - MOVEMENT!

Twinkle is due in May, and that's all I know about it! So, I've picked May 10 as her foaling date so that I can schedule her care according to that date.

The most amazing thing is that I FELT THE FOAL MOVING! I was SO EXCITED! Poor Twinkle was eyeing me when I draped myself over her, hugging her belly, trying to feel the foal move! When I run a shedding blade over her belly, the foal moves like CRAZY! It was so cool!
Above is a comparison of her belly in the last month. Not much different. But I notice the difference in her. I see her laying down more often. She is slightly relucant to move. And she waddles! LOL!

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