Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock the House Run

For my second race ever, I ran the 5k Rock the House for Ronald McDonald House on August 8. The kids also did the 1k walk (their very first "race")!

Eric and Leah, waiting for their "race" to begin. They were running late, so I didn't stick around to watch them - I didn't want to be late for my race. They had a great time and were thrilled with all the "goodies" they got to pickup while on their race.

My goal was to be under 30 minutes, and I did that easily, finishing at a chip time of 27.54!! (27.38 by my watch). Either way, my best time ever! I normally run alone, so it's fun to run with 600+ other people!

Approaching the finish line, the woman in purple behind me is doing the 10k, and is only half done.

After the race. There were lots of free food items - coffee, ice cream, bananas, water/sports drinks/juice and even muffins & scones.

It started to get pretty wet, so we didn't stick around for much longer.

For more pictures of the event, visit the barefoot runner's blog.

And thank you to those who sponsored me (family & co-workers). It was appreciated!

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  1. Nice run! I think they should do the kids run a half hour before the main run tho. Absolutley no problem on the link, feel free!