Saturday, February 27, 2010

I can't get enough of that torch

I just had to get my hands on that torch again! This is me with Marla Forth. She ran in Chestermere, and she lit the Olympic cauldron in Chestermere with this torch. (Thanks for taking the picture Tammy!)

This is at the library where I work. She opened the torch and showed us the inside. As you can see, the fuel container has been removed. The number on her jacket means she was the 105th person to run with the torch that day. 5 people ran in Chestermere, and the other 100 people ran in Calgary that morning.

And this is the signature of the person who assembled this torch!

The torch is inscribed "With Glowing Hearts," which is a line in Canada's national athem.

The torch runners had different mittens than what was available to the pubic at The Bay. Their gloves have grippy maple leaves to help them hold the torch.

To keep the flame burning the brightest, keep the maple leaf pointed towards your heart while you run.

Close up of the emblem.


  1. Very cool. It's neat to see the torch in such detail, and awesome that you managed to get pictures of all those details too!

  2. Yes, impressive. I think I'm even more impressed with the nice library!