Thursday, February 26, 2009

Draft stops

I put up these purchased curtains to help keep the room warmer. But, cold air flows out from the gap at the bottom.

Leah modeling the draft stoppers (also known as "sausages"). You can see the gap between the curtains and the floor. (If I had hung the curtains lower, the window molding would have shown at the top). The white one is her own personal "sausage" because she insisted that she needed one too. (Oh the fun of trying to sew while little kids are home!)

Sewing the stuffing into a sausage.

The draft stoppers in use.

The green furry fabric came from the thrift store a year ago. I wish I had enough of it to make all 4 draft stoppers since it matches the carpet so well. The burgundy flannel is 7 years old. I stuffed the green draft stoppers with quilt batting picked up at an annual village clean-up (includes a "give and take" area), and the two burgundy flannel are stuffed with fabric scraps. Leah's "sausage" is 1 metre of fun fur rolled up and sewn. The other 4 draft stoppers took 1/2 yard each.

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  1. Draft stops are ever so easy to make and so practical as well. Your's look great and I'm sure they saved some energy. I made one for the lower level patio door but filled with kitty litter. The kitty litter gives weight to keep the draft stop in place!