Sunday, May 4, 2008

Twinkle's Foaling Journal: Got Milk?

Warning: below are pictures of my pregnant pony's girl parts.

Twinkle looks like a ball with legs.

I'm taking this picture, crouching on the ground, and there is Dizzy, with her head down, trying to figure out what I'm doing!

Her tummy is getting closer to the ground!

There is her swollen udder. I actually managed to get some milk out of her today! That is exciting because you can use the milk colour as a foaling predictor. It's clear and sticky, which is the first stage.

And finally, her "girl parts," which is looking slightly swollen and perhaps more relaxed (a sign of foaling!).


  1. So, any news yet? I came here to look at your Jalie criss cross tops, which look very nice on you and your beautiful little daughter (she knows just when the picture is perfect!), but now I am wanting to hear about Twinkle.


  2. Thanks for you comment! Twinkle foaled this morning (May 24). I checked on her at 3am, no foal, checked at 6am, and there was a wet foal with her! I'll be posting pictures of them in a few minutes.