Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fundraising Gala

Library staff was offered free tickets to the foundation's funraising Gala, so Stephen and I went, along with more than half of the staff! It was fun. It was a 1920's theme, so I slicked back my hair, wore a headband with feather in it, had on two pearl necklaces, and had a black feather boa! Stephen surprised me by renting a Zoot Suit.

Men in Zoot Suits. The emcee, on the left of the below picture, is Bruce McAllister, co-host of Global morning and noon news. That makes it 3 local celebrities so far this year that I've had my picture taken with!

There were tons of silent auction items, but I was outbid on the two things I wanted, right at the last minute. I took lots of pictures, and this guy didn't say a word when I took a picture of his hand!! LOL! I tried to win the iPod Nano at the far left.

Another picture with Bruce. The bit of blue on the right is Tammy (sorry, I cut you out of the picture).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Gold Medal

Work occasionally has a few perks. Tonight's perk was meeting Vancouver 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist John Morris, watching his slide show and talk, then holding (and wearing!!) his gold medal!!!

The kids and I with John.

Wearing the medal (I just HAD to).

Love the "With Glowing Hearts" on the ribbon.

The back of the medal has "Men's Curling" etched on it.

I got to hold the medal for a LONG time! He signed books, I babysat the medal (tough job, isn't it?)