Monday, April 30, 2012

Make your own race bib belt

I was looking for a way to attach my race bib and still be able to easily shed layers during a
race. I could buy a race belt which has little tabs to attach the bib to, or attachments for my
FuelBelt which also have the little tabs.

After looking at the little tabs, I figured I could just make it myself.

It was so easy. A length of shockcord (which is basically round elastic) long enough to go
around my waist, and two cord locks. You don't even need the cordlocks, you could just tie
knots in the ends. I already had both, so my race bib "belt" cost me nothing.

If I need to shed a layer, I can easily pull it out from under the shockcord. No struggling
undoing safety pins while running!

I tested it out in a half marathon, and it worked perfectly!

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